What Do We Mean By Hydraulics?

2021-10-25T14:51:28+08:00August 22nd, 2018|News|

If you've ever asked "what is hydraulics?" you're not alone. We're sharing everything you need to know about hydraulic power here.   If you’ve ever found yourself wondering “what is hydraulics?” you’re not alone. Hydraulics are one of those hidden applications of physics that play a huge role in literally driving our modern world forward. [...]

Top 9 Reasons Hydraulic Hoses Fail

2021-10-25T14:51:21+08:00December 18th, 2017|News|

If you're using hydraulic hoses to help you run your business, be aware that, while they're effective, there are possibilities for things to go wrong. One tiny leak can mean a catastrophe for your business. We're going to show you how to stop it. Still, hydraulic hoses offer countless benefits to businesses. They've helped many people [...]

Fluid Line Services Support Golden Open 2016

2021-10-25T14:51:28+08:00June 29th, 2016|News|

Fluid Line Services are proud to support our local community organisations and events. We enjoy getting involved and making a difference in the community through participation, attendance, and sponsorship of clubs and groups in the Kalgoorlie, WA area. This year, Fluid Line Services sponsored the Golden Open for the Eastern Goldfields Squash Racquets Association. The Golden [...]

Why Use Filters and Replace Elements When Required?

2020-01-22T18:10:21+08:00March 8th, 2016|News|

Filters remove particles and contaminants thereby reducing wear on system components and improving system reliability – critical for operations where downtime can cause severe financial losses. Why use filters and replace elements when required? To maintain a target fluid cleanliness Maximise uptime Increase component reliability Reduce maintenance Reduce component failures Save money! Filter expectations [...]

Engineering Team Develops New Lifting Platform

2021-10-25T14:51:35+08:00March 8th, 2016|News|

Crushing Services Australia commissioned Fluid Line Services to design and manufacture a purpose built lifting platform to solve a major problem at a crushing plant. The design called for the development of a special lifting trolley to enable safe, reliable and speedy changing out of major wear components in a mill. The lifting unit [...]