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Des-Case: created by engineers, for engineers

A few decades ago, a local engineer at a major oil corporation, was searching for a way to make his products better and to give them longer life. In 1983, entrepreneurial enthusiast Jim Waller founded Des-Case with the goal of providing the ultimate solution for the engineer. And so began the creation of innovative system solutions to extend oil and equipment life.

Jim Waller exceeded his dream and his creation resulted in extending the life of industrial lubricants by detecting lubricant problems through visual oil analysis, and preventing and removing contamination with filtration systems.

Jim’s dream now helps companies improve reliability, increases productivity and, above all, makes companies more profitable.

For more than 30 years, Des-Case has thrived with a sterling reputation for its range of products, quality, dependability, and resilience. Des-Case owns patents in the design of breathers with technology and engineering that has far surpassed the industry standard, and continues to set new technology standards around the world.

Des-Case are the world leaders in desiccant breather technology, and have developed a heavy duty range of breathers for arduous industrial and mining conditions. The RS series incorporate  an air cleaner element and bag of desiccant gel for unmatched removal capacity.

Fluid Line Services stocks Des-Case products for the mining and engineering industries, including filters, breathers, desiccant, and other hydraulic engineering equipment.

How does Des-Case products increase the productivity, reliability and profit of your business?

  • Because of simple, dependable lubricant protection, you can avoid issues in your processes, causing them to become more streamlined, resulting in enhanced productivity.
  • Des-Case products help you improve the longevity of your lubricants, costing you less because you don’t need to change them as often.
  • The performance of your lubricants is increased, so you get more results in less time.
  • Save money with decreased repair costs and minimal machine wear.

What do customers have to say about Des-Case?

Since purchasing Des-Case breathers and filters, I have noticed a great improvement. Contaminated lubricating oil and hydraulic fluid results in excess machine wear, production downtime, and repair costs. Taking care of your oil results in care of your machines”. – Steve Anderson, Maintenance Manager, Northampton Generating Plant

Whether you need a filter, breather, lubrication, or handling equipment, Fluid Line Services are here to help. Contact us today for availability information and a quote.