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Eaton: outdoing the competition for over 100 years

The Eaton Corporation is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of a comprehensive line of reliable, high-efficiency hydraulic systems and components.

Eaton produces some of the world’s best hydraulic products and services; the highest quality and most complete global-standard hydraulic services, systems and solutions.

Eaton’s innovations meet the specific needs of customers and provide solutions to the problems you may be facing, such as reducing noise, increasing operating pressure, operating in many different conditions and creating complex integrated solutions. Eaton’s fluid power systems are found in many varying industries of high demand such as engineering, mining, and hydraulic systems.

Eaton’s hydraulics are committed to one clear objective: complete satisfaction with all Eaton products and systems, for both industrial and private users.

Eaton parts and fittings have a unique combination of tested technology and innovative design that converts directly into high quality products, reliable performance and enhanced, expanded processes. Whether you need a single product, a custom designed engineering solution, or hydraulic or fluid machinery parts for the field, Eaton is the partner of choice.

No matter what the function of your systems and products, you can depend on Eaton’s hydraulic parts to deliver the performance you need to stay competitive.

For over a quarter of a century, Fluid Line Services have been a proud Eaton distributor, and have stocked a wide variety of Eaton products including Vickers directional control valves, piston and valve pumps, electronic control modules, and Linde piston motors.

Eaton’s 24 round-the-clock engineering labs ensure reliability for your business:

  • Global Test Services operates 24 engineering laboratories that work around the clock to validate the performance of hydraulics products conceived by Eaton, ensuring high quality, reliable products.
  • Eaton is specifically focused and centralized around adaptation, of which their parts withstand the greatest amount of pressure, friction, and every day abrasive problems, adapting to any environment, hot or cold, risky or safe.
  • Eaton not only adapts to the pressure of your projects, but also adapts to the needs of their customer bases, ever-improving and providing solutions for difficulties in your field.

What do customers have to say about Eaton products?

“To meet stringent compliance requirements, ByteGrid needed a power management and monitoring solution offering the highest level of reliability. The Eaton solution exceeded all expectations, providing the highest uptime—plus efficiency, redundancy and scalability—at the lowest possible cost.” – ByteGrid

“By partnering with Eaton we overcame many problems with solutions provided, the biggest of which are damages done to equipment by power shortages. We now do not even realize if the power is cut.” – Brad Johnston

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