parker hydraulics

Parker Hydraulics: a mechanical staple

Fluid Line Services is WA’s Authorised Parker Commercial Build Centre.

A 33 year-old engineer named Arthur Parker had a dream.

In 1918, he rented a loft in Cleveland, Ohio for himself and his family, for a place to create and design a pneumatic braking system for trucks and buses. The family struggled for a couple of years while Arthur worked tirelessly on his development. Hard work, passion and commitment to pursuing his goal, created what is now a now $13 billion global corporation.

The same ethics and commitment that started the company are still at work today, allowing the corporation to keep growing. Parker Hydraulics users spread the word due to continual product satisfaction, causing steady growth of the company.

Today, Parker Hydraulics employs 55,000 people in 50 countries and is globally recognized as a leading, diversified manufacturer of efficient, precision-engineered solutions for a wide variety of industrial as well as private, mobile and even aerospace industries.

Parker Hydraulics’  ingenuity is proven. Their products can be found on and around everything that moves mechanically.


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Parker Hydraulics focus on customer applications from many situations to establish new methods to create value. Parker Hydraulics is constantly developing new products and solutions, as well as new ways of thinking with regards to engineering.

Parker provides the broadest range of varying products available from any manufacturer.

Since August 2015, Fluid Line Services has been appointed a Specialised Parker Distributor (SPD) for Filtration products, and carry a large stock of housings, elements, hydraulic test equipment and oil Conditioning Monitoring equipment.  This added to the previous SPD agreements with Parker, as the West Australian Parker Commercial build centre for Commercial gear pumps, motors and flow dividers and the Olaer accumulator build centre.

Fluid Line Services is proud to represent Parker Hydraulics and stock a large range of hydraulic equipment from Parker Hydraulics, including, valves, filter housings and elements, breathers, flowmeters, fluid diagnostic equipment, measurement equipment for pressure, oil level and temperature, water removal from oil and fluid transfer and filtration systems.

The ingenuity of Parker Hydraulics benefits your business:

  • The brand is globally recognized as a top quality brand with high demand; ensuring quality for your business too.
  • Cuts your operating costs and provides a range of long-term benefit.
  • The corporation is mature and stable, so you can rely on their products.
  • Innovatively focused, their products evolve as your needs evolve, before it becomes a problem.

What do customers have to say about Parker Hydraulics products?

“In today’s society you have such a variety of products and services, of which the population expects quality, in most cases they are given quality, as is a necessity, however, what is far more difficult to find is someone in your industry that not only provides to your list of needs, but acts as a solutions provider simultaneously. After many years of using Parker, I can say they have designed new methods consistently, as everything changes and more problems need solving, they adapt to the need and requirement before it becomes a problem. This is brilliant.” – Mandy Labaschagne

For more information on our Parker Hydraulics range, contact Fluid Line Services today.