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Southcott: Reliability through family passion and commitment to quality

Southcott was founded by two engineer brothers in 1886. The rest of their family of engineers was busy making engineering the company’s (and family’s) backbone, excelling at producing the highest quality products generated from their passion, which they could stake their family’s reputation on.

With more than a century of manufacturing and many years of engineering experience, Southcott’s goal of integrity and engineering excellence is fulfilled.

Southcott evolved to specialize in the industry of hydraulic supplies and high performance system designs, making them capable of delivering quality projects and the most reliable of parts to the most demanding industries, workplaces, and even dedicated enthusiasts like the individuals in the Southcott clan.

Southcott use innovative systems to create their highly reliable parts.

Southcott’s ingenuity and incredible range of products combined with extensive expertise in development, manufacturing, and service puts Southcott at the lead of all applications for hydraulic supplies in many different fields, including some of the biggest, most demanding industries.

Fluid Line Services stock a variety of Southcott’s premium products such as control valves, adaptors, hoses, power

Southcott products increase efficiency and improve your brand’s image and reliability, while decreasing your costs and stress:

  • Increased project and system efficiency.
  • With stringent regulations and years of expertise, Southcott products take the lead role in quality engineering and mining, assuring you get the best hydraulics products you can find.
  • Ensures precision and smooth process flow, guaranteeing product satisfaction.
  • Extended system life due to quality and operational reliability.
  • Maintains your company’s’ good reputation and builds a sense of trust between your customers for a professional and quality-focused image.
  • High reliability factor allows less stress, fewer replacements, and no faults.

What do customers have to say about Southcott products?

“I have to deal with a lot of stress, providing my clients with quality projects is not enough, these projects must be on time. Many times I can run into a tight spot because of my providers. The customers cannot be expected to understand. Not long ago, I found myself stuck between a rock and a hard place, waiting on my used-to-be provider for the parts needed. My client started becoming frustrated and impatient. Not willing to lose a customer, I contacted a new brand hoping for the best. Within one night I had the Southcott parts I needed, along with brilliant service. The next day I could continue with my project, saving me my most important client, to this day my biggest buyer.” – Emily Munda.

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