Fluid Line Services have been repairing and servicing hydraulic equipment since 1989 with a focus on increasing plant life, performance, and reliability.

Fluid Line Services Forrestfield (Perth) and Kalgoorlie workshops are among the best equipment facilities in Western Australia to provide hydraulic repairs, rebuilds and equipment manufacturing. Our test bench facilities for motors, pumps and valves are the best in the state.

The Fluid Line Services team is committed to expanding our crew of hydraulic & pneumatic repair and service technicians to deliver high-quality products and the service you’ve come to expect from a leading supplier and service provider to the Fluid Power industry.

Our services include:

  • Hydraulic Repairs (including cylinders, hose, pump, accessories, and more)
  • Consulting & Problem Solving
  • Engineering & Projects
  • On-Site Service
  • Fluid Conditioning and Monitoring Services
  • Oil Polishing
  • Training
  • Fluid Analysis
  • Manufacturing

Hydraulic Repairs

Hydraulic Repairs

Fluid Line Services repair all hydraulic system components in our workshops in Perth & Kalgoorlie.

Fluid Line Services have comprehensive Workshop Service facilities located in Perth and Kalgoorlie to repair and refurbish all types of hydraulic components: pumps, motors, cylinders, valves and controls, manifolds, and power packs.

Fluid Line Services also provide hydraulic hose repair services in Perth and Kalgoorlie. Our teams are experts in hydraulic hose repairs; we use only top-quality parts and vigilantly check performance and safety measures throughout our full range of hydraulic hose services.

Consulting and problem-solving


Fluid Line Services provide consulting services to investigate existing hydraulic systems, to identify problems and to recommend improvements.

We offer consulting services, including auditing and troubleshooting existing hydraulic systems, identifying problems and recommending improvements.

Many hydraulic systems are found to perform inadequately after their initial installation. Fluid Line Services have years of experience identifying deficiencies and recommending modifications through consulting and problem solving, often resulting in dramatic performance improvements.

Our specialists have a deep understanding of hydraulic systems which stems from years of experience working with both hydraulic drive systems and lubrication systems.

Fluid Power Engineering and Projects


Fluid Line Services have extensive experience modifying existing systems, as well as designing and building new systems.

Fluid Line Services employs a team of experienced hydraulic and lubrication engineers equipped with the latest 3D CAD design systems. We provide circuit design, power pack design, lubrication system engineering and control systems.

The Fluid Line Services engineering team has the following capabilities

  • Hydraulic and lubrication system design
  • Mechanical and structural engineering
  • Electronic control system design
  • Problem solving and consulting
  • 3D CAD design
  • Project management
  • Documentation

Many of the engineering projects that we manage involve a number of skillsets. The diverse capability of our team enables Fluid Line Services to provide a complete in-house design and construct capability.  We manufacture the system and install and commission.

Mobile On-Site Services

On-site services

Fluid Line Services have a team of field technicians and a vehicle fleet to provide on-site service to anywhere in Western Australia. We provide maintenance services (including flushing), installation service, and filter system maintenance.

Fluid Conditioning & Monitoring Services

fluid conditioning

Flushing is an important maintenance procedure to prolong the life and reliability of hydraulic systems.

For 30 years, Fluid Line Services have regularly performed oil filtering and polishing projects and flushing of mineral processing plants, gas and steam turbines including GE, Siemens, Rolls Royce, Solar, and ABB. Our List of Fluid Conditioning and Monitoring Services include:

Training Service

Training service

We offer onsite training for maintenance teams and technicians.

Fluid Line Services regularly undertake on-site hydraulic training for fitters and maintenance teams across Western Australia. We can provide one of our standard training courses or produce a customised program to suit your requirements. Training is delivered by an experienced Fluid Line Services staff member with years of hands-on experience.

Fluid Analysis Services

Fluid analysis services

Comprehensive laboratory services and test equipment ensure that you get the most accurate results.

We have well-equipped laboratories located in Perth and Kalgoorlie to provide fast turn-around for Fluid Analysis using the latest photomicrography, viscosity testing, water content analysis and particle counting techniques. Considering that over 80% of system failures are caused by contaminated hydraulic fluid, regular analysis is cheap insurance that can save you time and money.

Design & Manufacturing Services

Manufacturing Services

In-house manufacturing of hydraulic systems and components allows you access to customised equipment and systems.

With extensive workshop facilities located at both our Perth and Kalgoorlie locations, Fluid Line Services has impressive in-house manufacturing capacity. We also manufacture customised equipment and build systems designed in-house.