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Olaer: Breaking down barriers in the engineering industry

Part of Parker Hannifin since 2012, Olaer have consistently developed products for over half a century, excelling to become one of the world’s leaders in the production and establishment of innovative engineering solutions.

From conception and production to manufacturing and commercialisation, Olaer solves the hardships and difficulties faced by customers, addressing any problems or conditions that arise. The experienced brand presents solutions for energy storage, cooling and filtration of fluids as well as many other engineering fixes.

The market and demand for industrial applications specifically, shows Olaer’s complete expertise with products being used in heavy industries, and many other markets abroad. In their product applications, Olaer focus on fulfilling the function of energy storage, cushioning and fluid conditioning in terms of pressure, temperature and cleanliness. This keeps a smooth running system, cuts down on your processes, and crushes your costs in various fields, all the while maintaining an exceptionally efficient mechanism.

How do Olaer products help your business?

  • Olaer’s focus on quality results in reduced cost and stress because your processes become more streamlined.
  • Create ease of operation, greatly reducing issues.

Fluid Line Services are the (Parker Hannifin) appointed Olaer Accumulator Build centre for Western Australia. We stock products including hydraulic accumulators, hydraulic oil coolers, pumps, charging kits and other hydraulic accessories. Contact Fluid Line Services for more information on their range or to get a quote.

What do customers have to say about Olaer products?

I will state briefly that Olaer definitely makes an easy process for you, ranging products, custom needs and innovative solutions, are all just a part of the big picture. The big picture being ease of access and simplified efficiency. I have used products from Olaer for a few months, my stress has definitely become less.” – Graeme Delnu, District Supervisor, DERPharmacare