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Danfoss: working smarter through scientific curiosity

Danfoss was founded on one man’s brilliant idea and his profound passion for innovation. To this day, Danfoss is present in over 100 countries worldwide.

Every product made by Danfoss is the result of scientific curiosity, coupled with hours upon hours of innovative engineering and design. Because they understand their customer’s needs, Danfoss strives towards new products and solutions that add value to your company and increase your clients’ success.

In today’s society, cities all over the world are using cutting-edge technologies to lower energy use and to work smarter. Through innovation and strong partnerships, Danfoss contributes by making precision equipment that works smart.

Danfoss has partnered with many ambitious cities and their mayors who seek out the same advancement in solutions, creating more efficient, money saving environments, the core of which is innovation and smart thinking.

From the machines in your average American corn field to the cooled store crammed with fruit across the world, it is smart thinking that sets Danfoss apart from their competition.

Danfoss demonstrates true commitment to your success by opening entire development centers for the testing and improvement of their products.

Fluid Line Services have proudly been a distributor for Danfoss fluid power product in Western Australia since 1989. We carry a range of Danfoss’ quality  motors, pumps, and PVG series proportional valve components  and build and test the valves locally.

How does the scientific curiosity of Danfoss products benefit your business?

  • Danfoss is focused on innovation, changing as the world changes. They know your needs before you do, continually improving their range of products to suit your requirements.
  • Danfoss is recognized globally as a force in the industry of engineering and technologies. Having opened up entire centres for the testing and improving of their products, Danfoss ensure that the product you receive is of the best possible quality and at the height of technological innovation. By carrying products with these high standards, this quality is reflected in your own offerings.
  • Entire establishments and cities have made use of Danfoss products and services, leading to trust and credibility of what they offer. If they can trust their products, so can you.

What do customers have to say about Danfoss products?

Business Solutions Consultant, Tarique Ramadansi has experienced the power of Danfoss innovation. This is what he has to say:

“Danfoss, I believe are at the top of the chain in engineering technology in the fields of and cost reduction specifically. They have impacted companies including my own in a colossal manner, doubling output and tripling gross profit. This is all done by using innovative technologies to save and cut down on resources used, the concept is amazing the result is even greater.” -Tarique Ramadansi, Solutions Consultant

For more information on Danfoss or Sundstrand  products or our range of proportional valves, Series 90 closed circuit pumps and motors, Series 45 open circuit pumps, electronic controls, parts, and industrial engineering solutions, get in touch with Fluid Line Services today.