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Sun Hydraulics: The star of hydraulic engineering

For over half a century, Sun Hydraulics has developed and repeatedly created advancement in the various fields of fluid power and hydraulics with products that exceed large industry performance regulations and standards.

Sun Hydraulics display their passion and commitment to their products and industry by being very active in professional organizations such as the National Fluid Power Association, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, British Fluid Power Association and the German Engineering Federation.

With their smart, efficient designs and precision engineering in manufacturing and technologies, Sun Hydraulics simplify the everyday fluid power challenges we face, for you and your customers.

Sun Hydraulics stand out from their competitors, by considering the needs of their customers to focus on delivering a smooth process from product design to carefully selecting suppliers and employees who share their high standards and ethics.

Not only do they produce superior products, but Sun Hydraulics set the regulations and high standards for the entire hydraulic industry.

Sun Hydraulics floating cartridge engineering and unique design allows products to operate efficiently, precisely, and reliably. These parts maintain reliability at higher pressures with more challenges and flow rates in the most demanding applications for the most demanding industries.

The generous porting area, as well as the addition of strategic manifold design and construction techniques results in integrated systems that are more powerful while being 50% smaller than other products.

Sun Hydraulics products come in many different fittings and five main sizes, with flow and process capacity as well as controlled power which doubles with each increase in size. Within each function and area, different variations are available to help you make the best of your control circuit or system.

Sun Hydraulics set the standards for the hydraulic industry, so you are ensured of the highest quality:

  • Unique fitments for custom processes.
  • Many different parts to suit a number of engineering needs.
  • Quality and high standards for product range.
  • Innovative engineering provides many solutions.

Fluid Line Services are proud to carry a range of Sun Hydraulics parts and equipment, including valves, manifolds, and other technical hydraulic parts.

What do customers say about Sun Hydraulics?

“Sun Hydraulics is the sole reason for the expansion of my projects. With all the unique parts they offer and the hard-to-find parts they provide, I have had the opportunity to change the very way my processes work, because of this my custom system is the only one of its type.” – Inna Rogers

For more information on our current stock of Sun Hydraulics parts or questions about our services, contact Fluid Line Services today.