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Norgren: one man’s passion is another man’s gain

Just as any entrepreneur with a passion allows nothing to stand in the way of achieving their goals, so too did Carl Norgren refuse to allow circumstances to dictate his future or limit his dreams. In his home kitchen in Denver, Colorado, he began working to develop his air preparation business.

Norgren’s vision and ambition is to form and develop a competitive advantage for its customers, striving to expand the capacity and ability of the businesses who use their products.

Norgren engineers are handpicked and trained to apply their diligent skills and resources to fully understand customers’ needs and processes so that they can develop smarter, more innovative solutions.

For businesses who buy Norgren products, this means faster and more efficient machines, better machine performance, increased reliability and uptime, and decreased cost.

Norgren understands that a customer with an advantage is a happy one, and a client with growing capability is one that will return again and again.

Norgren is attuned to the needs of their customers, benefitting your business:

  • Allowing faster production and greater efficiency.
  • Increased reliability and quality.
  • Higher uptime rate.
  • Significantly lowers costs and allows affordable ownership.
  • Optimized process flows.
  • Flexibility and adaptation of products.
  • Innovation creates an easy and smooth-running atmosphere.
  • Improves your capabilities.

Last, but not least, Norgren products prevent you from experiencing the frustration of using mediocre products.

Because of the demand from the mining industry, Fluid Line Services stocks a range of Norgren products such as foot pedal operated control valves, cylinders, in-line filters and pressure control valves, pneumatic fittings, and other goods for a multitude of fluid power applications.

What do customers have to say about Norgren products?

“Working with Norgren several times in the past has proved advantageous. My reiteration of satisfaction after each deal reached is not what I intend to focus on in this testimonial, instead, something very important that I have not experienced elsewhere to this day. Even if you were oblivious to the industry and ignorant to engineering, you would still leave with precisely what is needed. They have a knack for providing solutions to your problems. With Norgren it goes further than just the product. This has allowed me to be comfortable ordering and buying Norgren products, because it’s the only manufacturer I fully rely on and trust.” – Collin Ethwald

At Fluid Line Services, we know that quality automation and industrial valve systems are critical, which is why we stock a wide range of Norgren components including:

  • Air Valves
  • Pressure switches
  • Air Preparation
  • Filters
  • Actuators
  • Pneumatic control valves
  • Pneumatic regulators
  • Vacuum
  • Fittings

Contact Fluid Line Services today for more information on the top brands we carry, to learn more about our range, or to get a quote.