Icount PD,  Icount IOS, and Icount BS plus

The icountOS (IOS) is an innovative solution to the challenge of measuring the quality of hydraulic oils and hydrocarbon fuels in many different applications:

Able to sample directly from a hydraulic reservoir, barrel, vehicle fuel tank or from a high pressure online hydraulic system with the addition of a pressure reducing adaptor; the IOS is undoubtedly the most adaptable contamination service tool available today.

The IOS uses Parker’s proven laser detection technology, which delivers precise, repeatable, reproducible results, in real time detection of both particulates, down to 4 microns (c) and dissolved water.

  • The IOS uses light obscuration, light blockage technology.
  • Class leading onboard memory provides storage capacity for up to 250,000 sets of test results.
  • The robust waterproof IP54 (When open) case and fully sealed impact resistant brushed stainless steel front panel provide excellent protection in the most demanding of applications.
  • The IOS provides fast detection of the presence of contaminants, with the results being shown on the front panel mounted, high visibility OLED digital display.

The IOS is a unique product in that it has its own web page generator which means that the stored data can be downloaded or viewed on any PC or laptop.

Parker Filtration’s CE compliant icountBSplus is a unique and complete solution providing customers with laboratory fluid bottle sampling using proven on-board, laser based technology. icountBSplus is a next generation product from Parker’s fluid particle analysis and monitoring programme and provides an effective alternative to external laboratory services.

The icountBSplus uses proven laser particle detection technology, with intuitive touch screen control, integrated long life rechargeable battery and a robust easy to clean enclosure, to deliver exceptional product quality and performance. The icountBSplus is quick to setup and use, delivers rapid test results and offers a wide range of features to help you improve the reliability, productivity and profitability of your production equipment.

  • Quick sample bottle analysis with variable test time options from 15 seconds and volume capacities from 25ml.
  • Repeatable and reproducible result performance to ISO4406:1999, NAS1638 AS4509E and GOST 17216:2001 (Differential and Cumulative) particle count distributions.
  • On-board compressor and ‘shop’ air capability.
  • Environmentally controlled front-loading bottle chamber.
  • Selectable 12-language instruction manual menu.
  • Analysis of fluid moisture and temperature capability. icounBSplus has the capability for on-line fluid measurement configuration as well as off-line fluid sampling.
  • Design concept allowing for portability. DC and rechargeable battery pack power option built in.
  • CE compliant
  • Fluid resistant touch type screen panel.
  • On-board thermal printer.
  • 500 test memory (fully downloadable).

For optimum operational flexibility the icountBSplus can be powered either via an internal rechargeable lithium ion battery, or direct from a mains supply. Providing a low cost solution for monitoring fluid life and reducing machine downtime.

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