denison hydraulics

Denison Hydraulics: products that stand the test of time

Now owned by Parker Hannifin, Denison Hydraulics was originally known as the old fashioned Cook Motor Co. way back in 1900; manufacturer of heavy duty industrial gasoline engines. But these engines were problematic, as they were cumbersome and only single-cylinder.

After World War I, Bill Denison took a risk by taking over just as the engine market was beginning to die. It was in 1925 that Bill Denison invented the first hydraulic machine: a hydraulic car pusher to move cars slowly full of clay-ware through a kiln.

Denison Hydraulics went through a business recession, but the new art of hydraulics pulled the company through, and then they survived the Depression, but just barely.

Then, after all that history in such a short space of time, 33 years after the company was founded, a fire destroyed the plant in Delaware.

Denison Hydraulics has stood the test of time and a very turbulent history to become the trusted, innovative hydraulic solutions company that exists today.

At Fluid Line Services, we supply a multitude of Denison Hydraulic products including Gold Cup pumps, motors and controllers, directional control valves,  and spare parts. We overhaul and test Denison pumps and motors, in our Perth and Kalgoorlie workshop facilities.

How does Denison Hydraulics benefit your business?:

  • Their focus is on performance that improves your company’s productivity and profitability, you can be assured of reliability and durability that constantly exceed requirements.
  • Denison Hydraulics innovates and improves products for industry requirements of greater speed, improved performance, more precise control, less noise and more flexibility.

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