boss hydraulics

BOSS Hydraulics: your innovation dream

Developed by PT Hydraulics, BOSS Hydraulics supplies and works with many companies all over the globe, and is favoured by many for this reason. BOSS Hydraulics has extreme dedication for innovation, the single most important aspect of engineering and technical supply.

Why is innovation so important in the hydraulic engineering field?

The world is constantly changing, and with those changes, our needs change, meaning our equipment must evolve. BOSS Hydraulic’s  commitment to innovation keeps them a step ahead of their competitors at all times, by constantly developing new methods and designs before change becomes a problem.

BOSS Hydraulics guarantees satisfaction, time saving, cost cutting and, most importantly, top quality hydraulic products.

boss hydraulics

BOSS Hydraulics innovation means reliability for your business:

  • Copious amounts of varying products to suit nearly any engineering need.
  • A superior cost-effective alternative to other similar products on the market.
  • Designs engineered specifically to optimize your processes and production rates.
  • High power equipment capable of higher amounts of pressure and the capacity for many different conditions.
  • Ready availability because of high levels of stock in Australia

Fluid Line Services is proud to partner with BOSS Hydraulics to stock their products including hydraulic cylinders, jacks, valves, pumps, accessories and other necessary tools for the job.

We take hydraulics seriously, and it is our goal to provide the best service and products in the industry. Contact us today for more information on our services or to enquire about a specific product in stock.

boss hydraulics

BOSS Hydraulics Expertise

At BOSS, we work hard so that you can let your BOSS do the hard work.  Every day, we strive to maintain the highest quality standards for our product, and provide the best technical customer service offering in the market. That’s why we’ve been successful in delivering hydraulic solutions to the Australian and New Zealand market for over 35 years.

BOSS Hydraulics Quality

Developed by PT Hydraulics, you can depend on BOSS – just like our customers in the Emergency Services and Rescue industry depend on the lifesaving equipment that we provide, including the Lukas brand ‘Jaws of Life’.  You can be assured of the quality of our BOSS range, that’s why we offer a lifetime warranty on so many of our products.

BOSS Hydraulics Range

As the industrial range of hydraulic products from PT Hydraulics, the BOSS Hydraulics range features our BOSS BLUE range of High Force Tooling & Equipment (over 350) BAR and our BOSS BLACK range of Fluid Power Products (under 350 Bar). We specialise in hydraulic cylinders, pumps, pullers, pressers, motors, power packs, jacks, tools, and more. Part of our BOSS BLUE Range, our ProTorc range of Torque Wrenches and Bolting tools is a market leader in the industry, famous for quality and value.

BOSS Hydraulics Promise

With BOSS, you can be sure that you’ll get exactly what you need to get the job done, at a good honest price, backed by the expertise and technical support of our team. That’s our promise.

What do customers have to say about BOSS Hydraulics products?

In a recent project, BOSS Hydraulics supplied high-powered precision equipment to safely lift a bridge running over a large South African highway. The lift required extremely precise and reliable equipment to ensure the safety of traffic below, which continued to flow as usual.

“By lifting the bridges, an economically viable alternative to demolishing and rebuilding them is achieved. Highways in and around major metropolitan areas are the lifeblood of commerce. So closing a highway, for any period of time, is a less than favourable option. Rebuilding a bridge also costs in the region of seven million Rand (around 486,729 USD currently) so a safe, cost-effective alternative is always preferable.” – Ian Bennett, General Manager.